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#3 - Dayton Vintage & Ohio Vintage Fest

Columbus, OH - While most go shopping to spend money, vintage retailers go shopping to make money - by finding and reselling relics of clothing and items lost throughout time.

We had the opportunity to capture this in full display at Ohio Vintage Fest, hosted in Columbus, Ohio. We also sat down with and learned more about one of the event’s founders and owner of Dayton Vintage, Jared Wise.

Wise was first introduced to the concept of secondhand selling at a young age by going to flea markets with his grandfather. Upon graduating high school in 2014, he got a job at a thrift store where he saw directly what used goods people were buying and selling for profit.

“I observed what people were flipping through the thrift store,” he said. “Then the following years, I got into flipping stuff myself online.”

Originally known as ShopWise - a pun on his la

st name and being a savvy shopper - he started his own online resale business in 2017.

Over time, he began vending at local events and venues in Dayton, Ohio as a way to display his full inventory in person, in addition to connecting with his community and furthering his business. Looking to identify more with the city he’s from, he eventually changed the name to Dayton Vintage.

“My first event was actually in Dayton,” Wise recalled. “I got to meet a lot of people at that show that kind of inspired me and taught me what they had done in the past at sneaker shows and events in Columbus that I had heard about.”

In August 2021, after years of vending shows, Wise, along with friends Sam Brann, owner of I Hate Vintage, and Hunter Music, owner of Past Over Present Vintage, decided to organize their own festival dedicated solely to vintage goods - Ohio Vintage Fest.

“Honestly, it’s been a trip to see it grow the way that it has this fast,” said Brann excitedly. “It’s amazing to me that us three have put together something as great as this has become.”

The first Ohio Vintage Fest took place in Columbus on December 4th, 2021. The inaugural festival featured over 50 vendors and sold over 1,200 tickets. Following its massive success, the festival returned to Columbus on March 12th, 2022, this time with double the space, showcasing over 75 vendors.

From NES games, wrestling action figures, and vinyl records, to framed posters, music merchandise, and designer pieces, the festival is a spectacle for all things vintage. Speaking with a few of the vendors, we were able to uncover some of their favorite pieces they brought with them as well.

Festival founder Hunter Music shared his 1970’s Wrangler denim jacket, a piece that was hand-embroidered on the back with the colorful scene of a rainbow overtop a garden.

George Fru of Fru Wear showed off his Kurt Cobain and 1994 Rolling Stones tees, while Cassie Trainer of Fanciful Fawn Vintage presented her floral-patterned 1970’s maxi dress alongside her 1980 Led Zeppelin tour shirt - the band’s final tour before the passing of their legendary drummer John Bonham.

With such rare items all in one place combined with the unique interests of every vendor, Ohio Vintage fest is truly made for everyone.

“Anybody that walks in, no matter if you're six years old or 60, could still leave with something,” said Wise about the vast selection of items. “Something cool and classic, something timeless.”

To learn more about Ohio Vintage Fest, please visit their instagram: @OhioVintageFest

Special thanks to:

Jared Wise @DaytonVintage

Hunter Music @PastOverPresent_

Sam Brann @SamuelJBrann

George Fru @Fru.Wear

Cassie Trainer @FancifulFawnVintage

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